WOW. What a massive night for Channel 9 (the biggest share they’ve seen in a *LONG* time), with every program in its schedule winning the timeslot it ran in. The launch of The Voice Australia (1st – 2,177,000), double that of Dancing With The Stars (6th – 1,076,000), led the charge for Ch9 and allowed the TV Week Logie Awards Arrivals (2nd – 1,805,000) to bask in the glory as well. Despite its length at over four hours, 54th Annual TV Week Logie Awards (4th – 1,379,000) held a sizeable audience across the entire show… though lots of them were most likely One Direction fans waiting for the closing performance. Channel 10 was the big loser with not one program rating above 750,000 for the night, though ABC1 didn’t fare any better. Will the audience hang in with The Voice Australia beyond the blind auditions? Time will soon tell.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Ch9
6:30pm: The Voice Australia – Ch9
7:30pm: The Voice Australia/TV Week Logie Awards Arrivals – Ch9
8:30pm: 54th Annual TV Week Logie Awards – Ch9
9:30pm: 54th Annual TV Week Logie Awards – Ch9

Channel 9 won the night (37.2%), followed by Channel 7 (18.4%), Channel 10 (13.4%) & ABC1 (10.1%).