All the social talk was about The Bachelor Australia (3rd – 981,000), bumping Ten to a solid second and pushing Seven to third overall. The Chaser’s Media Circus (14th – 559,000) debuts down amidst stiff competition, and the buried and entirely underwhelming two-hour finale of Restaurant Revolution (53rd – 183,000) came to its inevitable end.

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Nine News – Nine
6:30pm: Nine News 6:30 – Nine
7:00pm: A Current Affair – Nine
7:30pm: The Bachelor Australia – Ten
8:30pm: The Footy Show(s) – Nine
9:30pm: The Footy Show(s) – Nine

Nine Network won the night (29.1%), followed by Ten Network (23.9%), Seven Network (23.4%), ABC Network (16.4%) & SBS (7.2%).