(5 city metro combined – all figures in millions)

1. Today Tonight – Seven – 1.656
2. The Force – Seven – 1.556
3. Seven News – Seven – 1.512
4. Border Security – Seven – 1.493
5. Glee – Ten – 1.337
6. Nine News – Nine – 1.224
7. Home and Away – Seven – 1.067
8. City Homicide (Ep1) –  Seven – 1.066
9. ABC News – ABC – 0.984
10. The 7PM Project – Ten – 0.846
11. The Good Wife – Ten – 0.816
12. The Big Bang Theory (Ep1) – Nine – 0.787
13. Ten News – Ten – 0.756
14. The 7:30 Report – ABC – 0.692
15. One Day Cricket: Australia v Sri Lanka – Nine – 0.683

House – Ten – 0.650m
City Homicide (Ep2) – Seven – 0.627m

Channel 7’s Wednesday night double of Border Security & The Force continue to prove that good factual programming is interesting and will give you all the ROI you need. A great bounce for Glee after a slightly disappointing performance last week, although S02 is proving to be a little more M than PG rated. The Rocky Horror Glee Show seems to have divided fans of both shows (they love it or they’re appalled by it). The ODI Cricket was horrible on a number of levels, not least of which were the outcome and the ratings therein.

Even a REPEAT episode of The Big Bang Theory on Go! performed better than the Cricket (it would be good to see the breakdowns for the same time period to compare apples to apples though). That defies old programming logic & sends a very clear message to programmers: your digital multi-channels can do great things for you, if you let them. Ch10’s offerings only up surely due to lack of options on Ch9. The once great House is languishing, needing much more love than Ch10 are delivering to it now. Ditto The Good Wife. City Homicide delivering acceptable ratings although with news of the axe hovering this will likely affect it’s performance as TV viewers will refuse to invest in a show they know is going to end before it’s time.

Ch7 soundly thumped Ch9 for the evening share (34.4% vs 27.5% incl multis), which must lead the latter to wonder… what has become of the once great ratings puller that was Cricket? Are sport-loving TV audiences that fickle?