What do people want to watch on Saturday nights? Seemingly the ABC. New Tricks (2nd – 1,029,000) wins the 7:30pm slot and is the highest non-News program for the night – again beating the football (AFL) and numerous movies. Most of ABC1’s Saturday primetime schedule wins its slots – an all too common achievement for Aunty for a Saturday (not that it’s a bad thing for the network… it’s more shameful on the commercial networks and their offerings).

Timeslot winners (nationally):
6:00pm: Seven News – Ch7
6:30pm: Paralympics London 2012: Highlights Day Two/ABC News – ABC1
7:30pm: New Tricks – ABC1
8:30pm: Agatha Christie’s Poirot – ABC1
9:30pm: Seven’s AFL: Saturday Night Football – Ch7

Channel 7 won the night (22.1%), followed by ABC1 (16.6%), Channel 9 (15.4%) & Channel 10 (11.2%).