RPA – Where are they now? I always emphasise the “where” and “now” parts of that sentence, possibly due to scarring at an early age as I was a child that tended to lose things and that was the standard response from my mother: where are they now?! However it seems “where” in this context is “not in hospital because they were discharged” and “now” is where we found them about 9 months ago. Still, it’s a good follow up. From the press release:

RPA, Channel Nine’s award-winning medical reality program, returns in 2011 with a tribute series to amazing survivors: RPA – Where are They Now?

This special series, which revisits the most memorable moments and patients filmed by the program at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, opens a new chapter on the captivating stories of unforgettable adults and children who have won the hearts of Channel Nine viewers.

From the emergency ward through to surgery, recovery and ongoing treatment, watch real-life drama unfold as accounts of inspiring bravery continue on RPA – Where are They Now? This six-part series begins Wednesday, February 9, at 9.30pm.

Six-year-old Safari first came to RPA in 2001 to endure several operations after being burnt by a campfire in his African village home. Six years later RPA caught up with the shy teenager in Sydney, then in 2009 the program went to Kenya to visit Safari. Now 16, his remarkable journey continues as he travels back to Australia for more life-changing surgery.

Fiona, 28, postponed her dream wedding after a nagging pain in her hip was diagnosed as something much more sinister than muscular pain. Doctors discovered Ewings Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. She was told she had to have her pelvis removed, blasted with radiation, then put back again in a massive operation. Will Fiona ever walk down the aisle?

Brendan, a 41-year-old postman, has epileptic seizures that do not respond to medication. His dream is to be rid of epilepsy so he can become a dad, but first he has to face very risky surgery. Three years since the decision to go through with it, have Brendan’s wishes come true?

James, an artist, found himself in the hands of the Police Rescue service after getting his fingers stuck in a circular saw. As soon as he arrived at RPA’s Emergency Department he was rushed to the operating theatre in a race to save his fingers. That was three years ago, and James has since learned some valuable lessons.

The RPA series is narrated by Australian actor and artist, Max Cullen.


RPA – Where are They Now? – Wed 9.30pm, Ch9