Picked up for the FX channel in the US (and just about to air over there), Wilfred has been remade for the market and likely to surprise. Featuring Elijah Wood (among other things, from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy) and Jason Gann (creator/producer & Wilfred in the Aussie version), this remake looks set to join the very small group of shows that have not only survived the “americanisation” of a program but look to prosper.

It’s the same story – man attempts suicide and fails, meets neighbour’s dog and man is the only one who sees the animal as a man in a cheap dog suit. Hilarity ensues (allegedly). I never really got into the original series, however this looks to be quite enjoyable so worth tuning in for. Given it’s been buried Eleven it suggests Channel 10 don’t trust it ratings-wise, but it’s consistent with the network’s plan and the digital multi-channel is proving to be a force to be reckoned with for it’s market. If nothing else the first few episodes will be worth checking out.



Wilfred (US Version) – starts Tue 28/6 9:30pm, Eleven.