You show me your package & I'll show you mine

(I’m an unabashed Glee fan. Don’t hate on me, embrace the eternal optimism that is Glee. With spontanous dancing & budgets for costuming & staging that many businesses would be jealous of. But I digress.)

A tragedy. Channel 10, for all their posturing & promoting, have pulled Glee from their schedule with only two episodes remaining from this half of season 2. In the US, Glee takes a break for Christmas but is due back promptly in February. For some reason, Channel 10 finished up the season AFTER the ratings season finished with S02E08 Furt – featuring the wedding of Finn’s mum to Kurt’s dad, but this has left us with two episodes to air: S02E09 Special Education and S02E10 A Very Glee Christmas.

Not. Cool. Channel 10.

I mean, repeats of Glee are awesome, and S01E09 Wheels that’s been scheduled for Monday 13/12/10 is one of the best dramatically & for character development in the entire two seasons of the show. But where’s there new episodes?!

Ch10 are yet to announce why they’ve held these over – and they likely have to kick off the 2011 ratings season with them, which makes very little sense given E10 is a Christmas episode. Stupid really. Especially given the noise Ch10 made about fast-tracking Glee episodes before the Commonwealth Games (which they were, airing eps in Australia less than 12 hours after they aired in the US) which they then promptly stuffed up and delayed due to the Comm Games and never caught up again. I don’t know how we build an undercurrent or movement to encourage them to air E09 & E10 BEFORE Christmas – but leave your comments here and I’ll pass them along to the powers that be within the Ten Network.

Until we have answers – I offer this very recent live performance of the Glee cast on the UK’s X Factor. Gleeks rejoice… it should at least tide you over for a short time.