Adam Boland announced it on Twitter, so it has to be true. In addition to his Director of Social Media role for the network, he’s taking on the additional challenge of revamping Weekend Sunrise as executive producer. He’s not wasting any time.

It started with the announcements yesterday of what won’t be continuing: the segment with Tim Ross and Prue MacSween arguing with each other, and the Hollywood updates from Tomm Taylor are also going. Less conflict, less hyperbole, though the show will report on the big happenings in Hollywood when they happen not as a matter of course.

Some of Boland’s new plans are already coming to light, with him tweeting this morning looking for unsigned/indie music talent to showcase on the weekend as well as “a nanna – someone who’s a great cook and doesn’t mind sharing their opinion”. His track record in developing new talent is one to be envied and these new opportunities will be provide a national audience so those interested should contact Stefan Mitchell. James Tobin’s role as the weekend weather guy will extend to include reporting around social media traffic for Weekend Sunrise, interacting with viewers through the show’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and discussing comments live on the show.

This is a very interesting move by the Seven Network. Weekends are usually wastelands of TV, with the exception of seasonal sport, and to drop the father of modern Australian breakfast television in to run their weekend brekky show indicates that the network wants to extend it’s dominance across Saturday and Sunday too. When asked about the new role, Boland said, “We have an awesome team who are keen to have some more fun and challenge a few perceptions. That’s the mission from this Saturday.”