“Here’s to Wally Lewis for lacing on a boot,
Sometimes he played it rugged, sometimes he played it cute,
He slices through a backline like a Stradbroke Island shark,
There’s glue on all his fingers, he’s the Emperor of Lang Park…”

No question he’s a rugby league legend, and as a commentator and sports reporter for Channel 9 his career has been no less topical. “The King” Wally Lewis has transformed a spectacular life in Rugby League into a new opporuntity within the media at the Nine Network. His transition was shaky but he’s stuck with it and delivers solid reports though even off the field he became news as his battle with epilepsy became very public after a seizure while reading the sport one night revealed the issue.

He bounced back after an operation to help with managing his illness and continues with Ch9 still today. A devoted husband and father, Wally continues to be a straight shooter in all aspects of his life. This is a great interview by Rob McKnight, filmed recently in the QTQ9 studios during one of his visits to Queensland (pre-moustache shave).