20 years on and ‘Ranger’ Stacey Thomson is still enjoying an ‘accidental’ TV career that’s now lasted over 25 years – the majority on Totally Wild as host!

The adventures began one Sunday afternoon in July 1992 when Network Ten launched a weekly children’s half-hour magazine program hosted by Ranger Stacey, Ranger Tim and Trudy Smith who embarked on a mission to uncover the hidden story of Australia’s wild landscapes. The anniversary show brings up TW’s 3,212th episode, laying claim to the longest running C classified children’s show in Australia. By continuously redefining itself, Totally Wild has maintained a contemporary visual style and pace that reflects the tastes of their young viewing audience.

Totally Wild has been the career launch pad for many talented presenters who have since become household names including Dr Katrina Warren, Tim Bailey, Sami Lukis, Wes Denning, Faye Delanty, Shaun Murphy, Shae Brewster, Craig McMahon and many more. Stacey has stayed through the entire time, educating generations of kids (even her own two girls!), presenting and acting as mentor to a new crop of presenters who grew up watching her every afternoon. Today Stacey is joined by a team of young presenters: Pip Russell, Adam Cox, Natalie Hunter, Josh Perring, Kayla Banfield and Kale Brock.

Over two decades, many high profile personalities have gone totally wild from sporting stars like pro-surfer Layne Beachley, Olympic gold medallist Natalie Cook, an eleven year old Bernard Tommic, world dominating skateboarder Tony Hawk, environmentalist Dr David Suzuki, primatologist Dame Jane Goodall and the list goes on. But Totally Wild is a team effort and the on screen personalities have been supported by a large network of highly skilled production staff that include Producers, Writers, Researchers, Camera Crews and Editors. Their wealth of experience, passion and expertise enables them to present in-depth information while encouraging children to embrace the world they live in and realise the importance of its protection.

I was lucky enough to speak with Stacey and Adam recently about the milestone and both their careers in TV…

Totally Wild 20th anniversary episode – Thu 12/7 4pm, Ch10.