The IT Crowd - LOLCATZ or WTF?!

The IT Crowd - Am I wrong to just not get it?

I work in IT. Have done my whole professional life. I like funny, but I do not get The IT Crowd. I feel like a pariah. 

The show operates on a simple enough premise: Moss & Roy run the IT Support for the company. Jen is their boss, and she has no idea about IT. At. All. Moss & Roy have no idea about women. At. All. Or society for that matter. It’s good, solid British comedic fare, with a pretty good A & B plot running through each episode. They have some good gags, but after watching the first episode of season 4 last night on ABC1 I felt they were too few and too far between. 

There were some great moments from the show, though. The physical comedy in this scene sold it for me… 


But then I felt it just went on too long. It just felt too contrived. Maybe I’m just not connected with the characters? Maybe watching just one episode after missing so much else in the series I’m not truly appreciating it? I really do like Moss’s hair, though. That is gold. And that look on his face when he stands back up. 

The makers of the show are good with connecting with their fans, however. They’re on Twitter, and have their own YouTube channel. Website mandatory, of course, plus a multitude of fan sites and obligatory Wikipedia entry. 

I asked a workmate, who is a big fan, to come up with three grabs (so he gave me four – but then YouTube only want to let me embed the latest series – so you only get one additional clip) that he thought were really funny to typify or highlight the strengths of the show. Here they are/it is… 


What do you think? Are you a fan? Am I entirely misguided and simply need to succumb to the joy that is The IT Crowd? Should I restart and that should fix it? 

The IT Crowd, 9pm Wednesdays, ABC1
Image source: Channel 4