It’s not a bad way to end your tenure as one of the most successful executive producers in Australian television – pack up your cast and crew and take them to Hawaii for the final week of the ratings year. Lucky. 

He who can do no wrong (One Adam Boland) has shipped the Sunrise team over to Hawaii for some surf, sand and shenanigans Hawaiian style all this week. Mel, Nat, Berretts & Grant have all jumped feet first into the opportunity to present breakfast television from a beach-side backdrop at a decent hour of the day (6am Australia Eastern Daylight Time = a leisurely 9am Pacific Standard Time). A little gloss has been taken off with perennial “dad” Kochie being shipped to Greymouth New Zealand to cover the situation surrounding the mine disaster at Pike River instead of to Hawaii to join the rest of the fun. Fifi Box is also notably absent, although she did a trip a couple of weeks ago to film stories for this week – perhaps in preparation for the announcement earlier this week she’ll host Austereo drive with Jules Lund in 2011.

It hasn’t all been beer and skittles. People have had to make sacrifices. 


People have had stress out the eyeballs. 

People have had to prove they deserve the new Executive Producer slot (well played, Michael Pell). 

Best hair in Australian televisual Cow costuming

Then, of course, when you have access to the full services of Australia’s highest rating breakfast program, you can be a little silly, too. 

On the whole, they look like they’ve had a barrel of laughs – almost like a school camp for grown-ups where you get paid as well. Good on ‘em, too. Boland speaks very highly of his Sunrise “family”, and while he will remain on with Channel 7 as a consultant it will (hopefully) be a year of sleep-ins and work at decent hours… until he gets a crack to have a go at ‘fixing’ some other programs. 

Whoever is in power at the Australian Recording Industry Association, please make it so.