Sorkin’s The #Newroom – coming not soon enough to a screen near you…

The man responsible for The West Wing has turned his hand to network news with his latest series, to screen on HBO in the United States from June 24. The Newsroom looks to pull no punches and sets up lead Jeff Daniels to be everything we need in a news anchor – egotistical, intelligent and a little bit broken/jaded. Sam Waterston adds gravitas, and Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) will no doubt bring a wide-eyed innocence. Given it’s two months away from airing in the US there’s no word as to who will get it in Australia but every network (free-to-air and subscription) is already jockeying for position. Keep your eyes peeled for more trailers in the coming weeks.

Bring. It. On.

Author: SteveMolk

I like TV. Have done since I was plonked down in front of Sesame Street & Play School as a kid in the 70's when we only had two channels. Now we have over 20 free to air channels so imagine how much time I spend on my fat arse. Keep up, people. You can contact me here or tweet me at: @MolksTVTalk

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  1. yay!! can’t WAIT! Australian networks better show it soon or everyone will download. that is all.

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