With the last week day of ratings for the 2011 year, lots of daytime programming broadcast their final “normal” shows today before moving into their “summer series” through December & January. All three commercial morning shows had a definite “last day of school” feel to them, with hijinks, best of packages and farewells. Teachers notice it with kids especially.

It started in breakfast, where both Sunrise and Today are hitting up audiences by enticing them with cash. The former has their cash cow, the latter as their “I wake up with Today” premise where you must answer the call within 4 rings with that phrase. What happens when the competitions collide? This:

It was good to see Mel & Kochie laugh it off (what else could they do?).

A little later, just as Kerri-Anne Kennerley was signing off from her final morning show for Channel 9, The Morning Show delivered a great montage of some of Kerri-Anne’s highlights across the years as well as this special offer:

Meanwhile, over at The Circle, Denise Drysdale had announced her retirement from the show and they were all a little bit giggly. When they got to the last segment we all found out why – the goddesses delivered their own version of a Wilson Phillips classic (rushed back to our attention thanks to the movie Bridesmaids this year). It was crazy:

There must be something in the water.