Somewhat ironically, that's Sam, Ed & Santo.

Their turn on SBS during the 2010 World Cup only whet our appetites, and now we want more. Nay, we DEMAND MORE! Who are Working Dog to not give us what we want?! Starting this year on Channel 7 we’ll get a weekly wrap on all things sporting thanks to Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever!

Guaranteed to be just like the previous show only with more ads and a wider variety of sports, Santo, Sam and Ed’s Sports Fever!, will dissect global sports news and events in a live hour-long program each week. With all the hallmarks of the parent show this new series will consist of well-informed discussion, ill-informed analysis, pre-recorded clips, guest interviews, shonky impersonations, surprise cameos and live sketches. Who said Australia didn’t love their sport!?

As expected, Santo, Sam & Ed all have their own professional take on what’s to come:
Santo: “We are pumped and ready to go. I’ve got cricket and soccer covered, Sam’s been following the NBA and NFL action, while Ed’s spent his summer downloading clips of Maria Sharapova on Youtube. So we’ve got all bases covered.”
Sam: “I’ve been preparing for months – looking at stats, analyzing results and learning how to pronounce Svetlana Kuznetsova.”
Ed: “It’s a show about sport – all sports. If it can be kicked, thrown, punched, rolled, jumped over or filled with jelly and writhed about in – we’ll cover it.”

Santo, Sam & Ed’s Sports Fever! – Coming soon to Monday nights 10:30pm, Ch7.