It’s tough when you’re contracted to show the Tennis live, however Channel 7 surely committed News suicide this morning when at 10am they threw from an extended Sunrise to the Medibank International Tennis in Sydney while Channel 9’s flood coverage has continued through the morning off the back of The Today Show.

To Ch7’s credit, as of midday they’d switched the Tennis to 7Two, and reverted their primary channel to live flood coverage. ABC1 has been rebroadcasting the ABC News 24 coverage since earlier today. For the record, Channel 10 are sticking with their schedule as previously listed (i.e. while the PM’s press conference was on, they were airing Dr Phil).

Schedules for this evening for Ch7 & Ch9 have altered – changes listed following…

Channel 7 – amended evening schedule – 11/1/11

6.00pm Seven News – 1 hour bulletin
7.00pm Today Tonight – special time – from the flood zone
7.30pm As scheduled
9.30pm Seven News Special Bulletin
10.00pm Most Shocking: Top 20 – new time
11.00pm As scheduled

Channel 9 – amended evening schedule – 11/1/11

6.00pm LIVE Special 1 hour News Bulletin 
7.00pm ACA LIVE and hosted by Leila McKinnon and Karl Stefanovic.
7.30pm NINE NEWS:  Flood Disaster

Channel 10 – amended evening schedul – 11/1/11

5.00pm Ten News at Five – special 2 hour edition
7.00pm As scheduled

This post will update as any further changes are announced.