Mediocrity is rife in any art form – and no more prevalent than in the TV industry. “This sounds like a great idea!” often becomes “Whose shit is this?” far too quickly… if only a little more thought was put in before signing on the dotted line.

There’s lots that sits in this category for lots of different reasons, and it’s far more subjective than the hits or misses. Below are but a selection of new programs being put forward by the network as what they hope will be the next big thing but, in my opinion, just won’t manage to pull it off.

Please Like Me S02 – Found a niche audience in 2013 and with the same strong writing should achieve the same in 2014. For those that find it the series is delightfully funny and awkward with a a capital “Absolutely”.
Chris Lilley’s Jonah – Ja’mie didnt’ deliver as well as anyone expected, so will anyone care about Lilley’s ne’er-do-well?
Old School – Bryan Brown & Sam Neil star in a comedic drama about a retired cop partnering with a retired crim to solve crime to help make ends meet. Timeslot will be key.

SBS one
The Great Australian Race Riot – It’ll be the series that a lot of Australia need to see yet never watch.

Channel 7
Revenge S03 – In every writer’s room there’s a moment when they must realise their show has gotten out of control. This happened mid season two… so god help us all with what’s coming in season three.
Downton Abbey S04 – It’s wonderful drama but it’s again in the position of being available as a DVD box set before it airs in Australia. Nice scheduling there, Channel 7. If you’ve not seen it absolutely check it out as life at the Abbey only continues to get more interesting as they enter the 1920’s.
The Amazing Race Australia S02 – Channel 7 deciding to bring production of this back in-house AWAY from the company that won an International Emmy for the first season should be the first warning sign…
Anh Does… – Hopefully nothing.
Mr Selfridge S02 – Jeremy Piven barely went through the motions in S01 but there’s always an opportunity for redemption, isn’t there?

Channel 9
The Following S02 – It started to get really crazy at the end of the first season – it’ll only succeed if they reel it back in for this second one.
Love Child – Nine really want this drama about life in a maternity hospital in Kings Cross in the 60’s to succeed. If you stick past the first episode you’ll probably stay for the entire series. Probably.
Gina – It sounded better when it was titled “Gina: Miner, Mother, Monster”.
Inside Story – A new current affairs program wedging its way into an already full NewsCaff schedule. Let’s see where it lands in the schedule before writing it off entirely.
When Love Comes To Town – Farmer Wants A Wife On A Bus.

Channel 10
So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Again (well, S04 anyway). Some big money thrown at judge Paula Abdul to involve her and host Carrie Bickmore has the chops to pull this off… so there’s hope in this one more than the precis merits.
Have You Been Paying Attention S02 – Nothing more than a fun faux game show look at the news of the week. Settle down people, it’s not trying to cure cancer.
Unknown 6pm family show – Lots of rumours flying around about this one. Allegedly Roving Enterprises are making it, and there’s been words like “Family Feud” and “Blankety Blanks” mentioned (there’s nothing new under the sun). It’s got a big ask up against two of the most consistently highest rating programs of the week.

My blog, my opinion. I’m likely wrong anyway. These predictions are made (in most cases) sight unseen/only having seen a promo/read the premise from a press release. What do YOU think will be a hit in 2014?