That was no interview. It was billed by Channel 10 as “an exclusive interview” with Oprah during her time downunder and ended up being nothing more than clip show of footage everyone had seen before.

Yes, that's a *very* big autocue on the centre tower

Every single part – except for the footage of the filming of the Oprah shows which was cut in at the last minute before the show went to air – was footage that had been aired in news stories or previously aired “specials” or lifted from the “You’re going to Os-trail-ya” show itself. Actual questions to Oprah in Australia totalled 5. ALL of them had been seen on either Ch10 news or the 7pm Project. It all looked very rushed, given that the Australian “interview” component happened on Hamilton Island with Angela Bishop the day the Bigger O arrived there and in less than 5 mintues.

The rest was simply a recap of Oprah’s visit to Australia. She landed & went to Hamilton Island. Check. She flew to Uluru. Check. She went to Melbourne to visit our PM, and then had dinner at the house of “normal person” in Toorak. Check. She flew to Sydney and did more stuff. Check. ARE THERE ANY ACTUAL QUESTIONS?!

I guess it’s hard to cobble a show out of a 5 mintue chat at the start of her experience in Australia to then play at the end of her time here. Straight out dodgy. I note that there is no mention of the love Ms Winfrey has of Sunrise (maybe because it isn’t a little bit fancy?). I also not that Carrie Bickmore was co-hosting the 7pm Project from Melbourne tonight and not in Sydney having been at the taping of the two Oprah shows. Another coincidence? I think not.

As evidence of the shambolism, I offer this “news story” filed by Ms Bishop containing almost all the entire show compacted into a 3 min cross…

I don’t blame her Holiness the Ope. I don’t even blame Ms Bishop (although I think she had some control over the content). I blame the promo & publicity teams – overhyping the show to way beyond what it actually was. Very, very poor form Channel 10. Into the naughty corner with you. As pennance, give me my new episodes of Glee – stat.


Image/Video sources: Ch10.