Sexy Beast

Time to out myself. My name is Steve Molk, and I’m a TV-aholic.

I have a Twitter account. Had that for most of the year, and it’s likely how most of you have come to know about this place here. As that Twitter persona I’ve enjoyed talking – A LOT – about television, it’s place in society, the craft of making television, how much bad television is on our screens, talking with the people that make television, television, television, television. You get the idea.

So now this website lives, where I can offer my thoughts in longer form, with pretty pictures, and even audio of my spots on radio (sparse though they are) and video clips from my reviews and from interviews with potentially famous and/or important people. The website got soft-launched a few weeks ago, to allow me to get some content up and start honing my article-writing craft. I’ve got some more ideas, too, so get involved in the conversations here and drop some comments!

The icing on the cake was getting my long awaited logo, courtesy Agent X. It looks great and brings exactly the right level of class to the establishment, don’t you think? Very nice. Classy. Noice. Different. I loike it.

I’m building my contacts within the Free To Air TV industry in Australia, and will be leveraging these contacts to bring you the latest news, ratings results, previews and more as this beast develops under our collective noses. Spread the word… & get on board for the ride…