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That's the name of the game...

Photo Finish is now in production, being made by Southern Star for ABC. The new reality series is expected to air in 2012 on ABC1, pitting amateur still photographers against each other in a number of challenges with weekly eliminations. An interesting move for Aunty with their first competitive reality TV program.

It’s been confirmed that Big Brother Australia will be filmed on the Gold Coast, however Southern Star are yet to confirm if the production will be filmed at Dreamworld or Warner Brother’s Movie World. It was always slated to air in 2012 though now additionally comfirmed to be screened after the London Olympics (closing ceremony scheduled for 12 August) allowing pre-production, casting and set construction time. The rumours surrounding the new Big Brother series continue, including suggestions Natalie Garonzi will host.

Charli Robinson (ex-Hi5, now host of Southern Cross Austereo’s The Dirt) will fly to Malaysia in late October to commence filming a new series of It’s a Knockout for Freemantle Media Australia, to be screened on Ch10 in 2012. Filming the production in Malaysia will allow for some pretty crazy events due to the reduced OH&S requirements compared to filming in Australia (Wipeout follow a similar pattern by constructing the set and filming all series in Argentina). This also adds fuel to the possibility of Wipeout-style syndication of the show, particularly through Asia.

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  1. Charli Robinson? Is that Charli Delaney? God, I hope not. She has the sincerity of Zoot review and I find her excruciating to watch. But I do love It’s a Knockout so I’m looking forward to it at least. Natalie Garonzi for Big Brother 2012. Best decision they could make! Here’s hoping. In fact. they should have got her for Knockout too. As long as they don’t do a Jules Lund or Shelly Craft. Great updates Molks.

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