In a fairly general view, the short answer is yes. Often the first, too often the second, and all too casually the third.

How it will play out as the series progresses, however, will be the most interesting part of this staged experiment. Like or loathe Joe Hildebrand he carries just the right about of mongrel dickhead about him to deliver the hosting duties of this show – from tour guide to sideshow ringmaster, leading 4 Indians from varied professional backgrounds on a tour of Australia to see the good, bad and very ugly of what the country has to offer. They’ve all got their own opinions of Aussies – most of which fairly falls into the “dumb, drunk and racist” category.

Can we change their minds? Will our behaviour only solidify the preconceived and prejudiced ideas with which they come? Are they simply afraid of that which they don’t know or understand? Are Australians mostly tools who have no idea of how they function as global citizens? Will the real Joe Hildebrand please stand up?

Dumb, Drunk and Racist – Starts 20 June, ABC2.