In Season 3 of Tangle this revelatory drama will pull apart and look at just how the generations separate from one another and how the ties of family are stretched. Kick Gurry’s Joe finds himself in a unique place.

Ally (Justine Clarke) has moved her family to a rambling old rental property by the sea. Her financial need to return to the workforce prompts a surprising offer from Joe, which brings to question what Ally wants from him and from Gabriel (Matt Day). Christine’s fear that her family is dissolving is confirmed when Max announces he’s moving in with Nat. Romeo shares Charlotte’s distressing secret and Gigi enjoys having a half-sister in Ophelia.

While some dramas find their third season to be the somewhat troubled second album, Tangle delivers a stronger collection of episodes with some amazing performances, not least of which from Clarke & Gurry. Their chemistry on-screen set against the rough-edged and broken relationships following on from the events of season two (the series starts two months after the events of the previous season) is palpable and show two professionals at the top of their game.

With such a strong ensemble cast, it was great to discuss the dynamic of Tangle with Kick and the place of Showcase and Foxtel in the creation and delivery of quality drama within the Australian television landscape. He was very generous in the discussion of his time on the show, as well as his work on other shows like Agony Uncles and his movie roles including Looking for Alibrandi and Speed Racer. It’s a lovely discussion with an extremely generous Kick, and I thank him and Foxtel for the opportunity to chat.

Tangle – Sun 8:30pm, Showcase.