Brett Mason, by his own admission, has gotten where he has so far through tenacity and hard work. Taking the chance to work for the local paper as a cadet journalist during school paid off and opened a career the young journalist could have only dreamed of.

Currently stationed in London as Network Ten’s European Correspondent means long hours for live crosses and journeys into Libya and Egypt at some of the most dangerous times in recent history. It’s worked out well though as he stares down a massive year for all the right reasons… being stationed in the UK for the London Olympics and HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s royal jubilee celebrations (and that’s just for starters).

Brett very generously offered his time while recently on a break and back in Australia to record this interview in which we covered a lot about the “glamorous” life of a foreign correspondent for a major Australian network. It’s not all tea and biscuits, kiddies!

Thanks so much to Brett for his time, and to the staff at the Coffee Club Forest Lake.