It’s certainly never been done anywhere else in the world (so SBS keep reminding us), and it looks to be a most compelling series to allow for some additionally educated discussion in the asylum seeker debate. As a special event – three hours over three nights – the series stands to offer a great insight into what a good representative cross-section of Australian’s think about refugees and whether or not they should be allowed entry to Australia by “jumping the queue”.

The debate will likely rage across social media channels, so your chance to join in on twitter will best be served by using the hashtag #GoBackSBS. Whatever your persuasion, this will be a compelling series.

The show website, full of detail and resources, is a great companion for anyone wanting to dig further into the issue of refugees and asylum seekers. Also once aired the full episodes will be available to watch online.


Go Back To Where You Came From – Tue 21/6, Wed 22/6, Thu 23/6 8:30pm, SBS one.