Big Brother Australia 2012 on @channel9

You heard it here first.

Fresh of the back of the success of The Block running as stripped program across the week in 2011, comes news that Channel 9 in association with Southern Star will produce a local version of Big Brother in 2012.

While no information is available yet as to hosting duties or location, it’s expected the series will return to Queensland and partner with a theme park to ensure the house is as much a tourist destination as it is a television spectacle.

Given the acceptance of social media within Australia it would be expected that a core part of the promotion and interaction for the series will be through channels like Facebook and Twitter, possibly even using the networks to source contestants. Additionally it’s a brave new television environment with all networks hosting at least two digital multi-channels in a free to air environment. Will this mean we’ll see a Ch9 dedicated digital multi-channel for Big Brother throughout the telecast (even if on a 30 minute/1 hour delay)?

This is huge news for Ch9, somewhat languishing in the ratings through 2011, and a surprise that Channel 10 have not opted to pick it up given the network hosted it for a number of years last decade. All speculation as to the host gratefully received.

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  1. Travis says:

    Would love to see Live streaming on a Multichannel.

    Fantastic News!

  2. Taylah says:

    this is great news!
    i cant waittt!!!!!
    i’ve been waiting for this show to come back on in years!! <3

  3. miami says:


  4. MillerT1 says:

    Nine seems to be doing well every second year and then the year after they just fall. It’s like as if they’re putting all their efforts into one year and then they’re somehow broke the next.

    2007 – Channel Seven beats Channel Nine for the first year with their really strong schedule and Nine’s not so great schedule as people start to turn away from their brand.
    2008 – Nine does a lot of things to improve. They reinstate the dots on their logo, they launch Underbelly, they find success with Gordon Ramsay and Two and a Half Men takes off at 7:00.
    2009 – People lose interest in Gordon Ramsay, Nine starts plugging up their schedule with Two and a Half Men and 20 to 1 repeats, 60 Minutes loses its appeal after the induction of Sunday Night and Nine has trouble with shows like Homemade, Wipeout Australia, and for the most part The Apprentice Australia.
    2010 – Nine get Top Gear working for a commercial audience, Mentalist works, Two and a Half Men works and Customs works.
    2011 – People lose interest in Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men and pretty much everything else on Channel Nine besides The Block.
    2012 – The Block, The Voice Australia, Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Big Brother and 2012 Olympics. Life for them next year is definitely looking good.

  5. Chrissy says:

    Hamish & Andy to host BB2012

  6. if they are doing another big brother they need to get Mike Goldman back thats for sure!

    • Calvin Jones says:

      Mike Goldman should definately be apart of Big Brother’s return in 2012 as he truely made Big Brother stay around longer so i say keep him in the program. =:o)

    • I don’t think Mike Goldman will host the big brother friday night or late night shows since there was no announcement of him coming back to channel 9 Big Brother 2012. I liked Mike and his is a funny character when he hosted the late night Big Brother shows.WIthout Mike, will big brother be the same, we can only hope it won’t go down hill from there.

  7. Hamish & Andy would do a good job but with so many contestants and things going on I think the format works better with a single host. Wouldn’t mind seeing Gretel return or an ex-housemate from last decade.

    • Agreed bring back gretel, mike, Bree and Fitzy

      • ashleigh says:

        definitely, it wouldnt be the same without all those people. :)

        • Bella says:

          I agree!!! Bring back Gretel!

          • Carole says:

            It just wont be Big Brother with out Gretel, but i do agree Hamish and Andy have to be part of it

          • Calvin Jones says:

            I reckon channel 9 and produces of Big Brother 2012 should keep Big Brother the way it was mean’t to be..ONLY the original will do, Pfft to Hamish and Andy as i know straight forward those 2 will destroy Big brother’s return in 2012 as those 2 will only create davastating consequences.

  8. They should bring back old contestants to compete for the prize again and Gretel should definately host again. There is no one better that her and her outfits.

    • Calvin Jones says:

      I totally agree..Gretal is BIG BROTHER 100% and NO ONE will ever beat her as she has been a host of Big Brother for more year’s then anyone else and look what happened when Kyle and Jackie O took over..FAILURE within the 1st year.

  9. dragon says:

    I agree with mary, should bring back ex housemate to see what they have been up to & a 2nd chance to win the big bucks again.

  10. Danigirl 84 says:

    I think shelley from Australias funniest home video shows would be an awesomw fun host with a side duo like hamish and andy or steve-0 and party boy

  11. Jarrad says:

    where do i sign up!!

  12. RudeDog says:

    Mike, Bree and Fitzy. Can’t forget Fitzy!

  13. I totally agree…


    to host!!!!

  14. How do you apply to go into the BB house?

  15. shana says:

    yay can’t wait :D

  16. Wood love to see it back on tv. Am keen to apply. I hope they will also find applicants outside of facebook and twitter for those people who arent on these sites but yet are very keen to be on BB…

  17. I’m so excited could you let us know how you apply to go on thanks guys..

  18. Casey Dwight says:

    Yesss, i need to know how to apply! i was devistated when it got cut! been wanting to do this for years.. :)

  19. Robdog 25 says:

    Have mike bree and fitzy host bb12 now that sounds like the best bb ever

  20. hi just woundering where you apply thank you..

  21. Dermott says:

    What month does BB2012 start and how old do you have to be to apply?
    I turn 18 next August and I have always wanted to be on the show since the 2003 series!

  22. just as long as the uncut show is on im sure it will be fine and be a success …….. as for host bring back gretel …. and should have a channel to run live streaming what ever the housemates do all day and night with no host … but cant wait for it to be back on :)

  23. like seriously i think seeing the housemates naked is totally fine …. it is 2012 so seriously if u dont want to see naked people dont watch it and if u dont want to see them talk about sex dont watch it but it is great to have this education :) stop censoring everything !!

  24. so glad i turned 18 this year, i am so gonna apply and try and get on the show, know wayyyyyyy to much about reality tv strategy

  25. simmy Cee says:

    woo Hoo I can I only say its about time, big brother was amazing and i loves the show.. ater being in the final handful in 2007 and signing the contracts i am loking forward to applying again.. Bring It On I say!!

  26. Jimmy says:

    Love BB and think ch 9 will treat it with the respect it deserves! As for the host – without a doubt, Natalie Garonzi would be perfect… Awesome quick wit!

    • Brilliant idea! She is fantastic! Strong, funny, intelligent woman who can hold a show. Loved her on X factr. Great idea Jimmy!

      As for everyone saying “it wouldn’t be the same without Gretel/Mike G/Bree etc”..

      Exactly! It’s supposed to be different. A new brand of Big Brother. Different style. Different network. Different hosts. New ‘Secrets concept’.

      It would be a disaster if 9 tried to “bring back” the same old show. It needs a whole new brand. Unless we want another Hey Hey ‘same old shit, different decade’ debacle…?
      I can’t wait!

  27. Daniel says:

    Mike & fitzy to host BB2012 gretel is a bitch and where do I sign up :)

  28. Sammy says:

    I turn 18 in september next year but would really really love to be in the show! please let me know when it will be on ect because i would hate to miss out by a month or so! :)

  29. No gretel!! Please just bring in mikey, bree & fitzy… Gretel (spelling*) was so annoying!! Maybe better writers for the host may work, some of the crap that came outta her mouth was crap, not funny & stupid… what about glenn Robbins? Or chrissie Swan maybe someone easy on the eye? = Lavinia Nixon?

  30. Fannie says:

    I agree- the show needs something new and different – bring on The Garonz- super smart and very funny!

  31. jane tremellen says:

    Bring on Big Brother. So love the show and want to be on it. It would be such an eye opening situation which would open doors of oportunity after it is finished.

  32. Carole says:

    If they have Big Brother you need the friday night games and who would be better to host this than Hamish and Andy. So looking forward to this coming back on…

  33. good to hear big brother is coming back lets hope nine will do a better job then ten did. 10 always put young people in the house in stead of mixing young and old age groups it would make it more interesting to watch. would like to see a 24hr channel set aside for big brother if possible. anyway good luck with it channel nine hope it go’s well for you.

  34. james perth says:

    I Think its time for new fresh face’s look at the other big brother tv shows in the world they have got fresh face’s.no way dont get hamish and andy theyare funny but not for this type of show id prefer mike goldman over hamish and andy .

  35. m. simms says:

    Bring back Gretel. I hope they have older people on like last time. We need 50 pluses on.

  36. My name is Troy, i want to go on big brother next series.

  37. Steph says:

    Having Big Brother back on television will be such a succsess to channel Nine.. the show will already have plenty of viewers and just need to hook the public back. 1st year really think about the series and impress. mike goldman should not be host!

  38. Sonia Kruger to host BB2012 on 9

  39. i think sonia kruger would be all right to host big brother 2012. but please. please dont let hamish & andy host it they will only stuff it up

  40. OMG I’m so excited!!! If they Bring big brother back they HAVE to do Friday Night Live that was so AWESOME!!!!
    Kyle Sandilands and Fitzy they were sooo funny they have be join hosts

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soo excited

  41. Charny says:

    Seriously looking forward to it. Not sure as to the hosting should go to – Gretel was good in the beginning, but I think she became a little try-hard in the last series or two. I don’t think Hanish and Andy should host it – because they wouldn’t really get a chance to be their comedic selves. BUT! I think they should bring back Friday Night Live and get them involved with that :) With all the things they do with their shows – it would be HILARIOUS!!!!

  42. Sharnika says:

    Omg where do I sign up !!!

  43. James says:

    Shit should be band show is a joke

  44. When will the applications be available ?

  45. Hey, I Strongly agree that they should add Friday night live to the new season of big brother, without it, big brother would not be good. Ever since I was only 7 way back in 2007, I watched Friday night live on my tv. I used to play along with the games laugh at the hosts, and laugh at the Housemates failing. Big Brother would not be the same without friday night live, I have almost every episode of the show downloaded, and I have watched every episode, this big brother special show must be part of the new big brother on channel 9, it’s sooooo good. And also mike Goldman is back for the 2012 series, so he could do it with the help of two other experts. Thanks.

  46. Bring back the way big brother used to be and also Friday night live without that big brother this year would shitter.
    And the hosts were awesome . Big brother belongs on channel 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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