Thursday is an interesting night as Channel 10 have been owning this for a little while… It’ll certainly be their 8:30/9:30pm slots that will determine their success with that. The most exciting addition to Thursday nights will be Zumbo, following pastry chef Adriano Zumbo of MasterChef & Zumbo Patissierie fame as he does what he does (and does so well). Looks amazing. The new 30 minute Getaway doesn’t look to be that special – just cheaper based on length, no matter how many Jen Hawkins you throw at it. The big double of CSI & CSI:NY likely to help Channel 9. Bring back Rake, I say…

Winner predictions:
6:00pm – NEWS (Either Ch7 or Ch9).
6:30pm – ACA/TT (Ch7/Ch9).
7:00pm – TWO AND A HALF MEN (Ch9).
7:30pm – BIGGEST LOSER: FAMILIES (Ch10) – with ZUMBO making a great showing in 2nd.
9:30pm – CSI: NEW YORK (Ch9)
Night win – Channel 9.

DISCLAIMER: All schedules correct at time of publication and subject to change at the whim of the head of network programming.

* = I expect I will be very likely wrong.