Segment number 2 – this is becoming a (welcome) habit! Talking TV with Scott Gilmour on 103.5 Mix FM Maryborough & Hervey Bay.

Given the week that was, we covered all the interesting news in detail:

  • Oprah was here. Now she’s not. She talked about coming to Australia for a holiday. Then she left for her own holiday in Fiji. You think about that.
  • Contrary to letters from Daryl even today to the Hey Hey iy’s Saturday facebook fan page, Hey Hey will not be returning. You can take that to the bank.
  • Shane Warne manages to curry up some interest in his flagging show by snogging on with Liz Hurley on his trip to the UK this week. Ew, from so many levels.
  • 2010 had dizzying heights and earth-shattering lows. We covered a fair number of them this morning, and celebrated the successes and we look to 2011 to save us from from the horrible shows that stunk.

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