I really do enjoy speaking with¬†Josh & Stace from Star FM every week. They are just so… adequate nice.

Apart from Stace’s delusions of grandeur about appearing on the Oprah special tonight (and it looks like she did!), we talked about our African American Fairy Godmother and all she was/is doing to promote Australia to the world. Lots. The answer is LOTS. Money well spent.

Ch7’s coverage of the Australian Open Tennis is really “taking off”, with the latest announcement that round 1 loser Lleyton Hewitt is joining the commentary team. Almost like they expected him to lose and it was all pre-arranged. And it was. Todd Woodbridge did his little bit to further people’s expectations of sportspeople past and present and their ever increasing grasp of technology in having a text he sent Renee Stubbs about Kim Cljisters get brought up in a post-match interview with her. Umm… Oops.

On Monday, News as we know it changes. To more news. 6pm with George Negus is all good to go, and the Safari-suited one will be presenting to us the news we never new we needed to have in a way we’ve not seen it before. Just listed to this then read my interview with Hamish Macdonald about it.

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