The 2012 Young Talent Time experiment is over and, sadly, it’s unlikely to return for a second series. Fading ratings and the move to Friday night didn’t help the show secure the audience Ch10 would have been hoping for, and the fond farewells for cast and mentors was a pretty clear indication that the show wouldn’t be returning.

YTT needed consistency in timeslot, and if Sunday night wasn’t gonna be it the network needed to offer the traditional Saturday night 6:30pm and let it build there as the family show it pitched itself to be. Sure the show was squeaky clean, but that’s the point and it had be. Farewell and thanks for having a go.

As a final note – I skipped through the show twice and don’t recall seeing a performance of ALL MY LOVING, despite what the press release says. The team did offer a very emotional cover of WITHOUT U from David Guetta.

At least the live tour will keep fans and aspiring auditionees happy. From the press release:

In an amazing night of entertainment, wildcard entry Lil’ Banditz Krew took out this season’s Young Talent Time (YTT) Quest, and the prize of $100,000, with a hip hop and urban dance medley.

Joining Rob Mills and the YTT team in a 90 minute special, Lil’ Banditz Krew (LBK) beat out four other finalists wowing judges Tina Arena, Dicko, and Chucky Klapow. It was a big victory for LBK who were the people’s choice entry into the grand final, and only an outside chance to win.

Formed in 2012 by a non-for-profit association, Project Dance, LBK consists of sixteen young male dancers between the ages of 8 and 15 years. Their winning performance was a mash-up of urban dance styles performed to a medley that included The Black Eyed Peas and One Direction.

With guest appearances from Ricki Lee Coulter and Jack Vidgen, the YTT team brought it home tonight performing big tracks from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Usher and also teaming up with judge Tina Arena to perform 60s seminal pop song, MacArthur Park.

Capping things off with a beautiful rendition of YTT classic “All My Loving” it was so long from the studio, but not goodbye. Rob and the YTT team will be touring the east coast of Australia these July school holidays, with competition winners LBK on board! For more information on the tour, please go to the YTT Live website: