The first in a new weekly series where people are asked to write about why they love TV, or the TV they love. Welcome to first guest poster Natasha Exelby!

It’s non ratings season at the moment for the media world – which means – most of what’s on TV right now is junk. But I still need to unwind when I get home from work, and to be honest with you, I’ve been a little lack lustre of late, so I’ve turned to my one true love – the thing I can always count on to inspire me, intrigue me, comfort me, humour me, inform me, and entertain me … The West Wing. We’ve been together for more than 10 years now, I’ve watched it over and over, and I never ever tire.

From the effortless swagger of Leo McGarry to the razor sharp wit of CJ Cregg – this series had me at hello. The endless banter in the Bartlett camp captivates you in a euphoria of inspiration, thirst for knowledge and the hope of a better tomorrow – heck when it’s coming from Jed Bartlett’s mouth he even makes a budget surplus sound sexy.

I actually went through university wanting Toby Ziegler’s job – but then I moved to Canberra to be a political reporter and I discovered (as much as I love many staff members from both the Coalition and Labor) There is no such a thing as a real life Toby Ziegler, and even if there was, their voice would be drowned out by union agendas, political donations, the left’s war against the right and opinion polls. Kevin Rudd was at the helm when I started in the Press Gallery – even as a junior journo, I knew Kevin07 was no Jed Bartlett.

But let’s get to the real issue here. For more than a decade there’s been the controversial debate where every female West Wing fan is posed with the same question “So – would you do Josh or Sam?” Well… I say neither. Don’t get me wrong, I probably wouldn’t reject them – but they’re not my preference, not even close. Friends, I hereby declare my heart belongs to Charlie Young. That boy has sass and class well beyond his years.

Remember when he crazy glued CJ’s phone, swapped her security pass so sirens went off when she entered the white House and was all but arrested… and then she thought the pranks were over… until her desk collapsed because he unscrewed the legs. One of my favourite lines from WW (and there are many):

CJ: The anal retentive side of you is not going to help you get girls
Charlie: (with a confident smirk) I do ok.

I’m under no illusions here folks, I’m well aware I’d have a bit of competition – what with him being in love with the President’s daughter and all… but I think I could win him over. Ok fine – I’ve got no chance, but a girl can dream. And, while I dream, I think I’ll put on another episode of the Wing.

Natasha Exelby

Natasha Exelby

Natasha Exelby is one of the few surviving journalists working for Channel 10 based in Sydney. In her spare time she likes modelling the latest in flack jackets as a part of her twitter profile picture. Natahsa started her career in TV News in regional Qld – so she knows what bullshit is; Worked as a Political Reporter in Press Gallery for three years – so she knows what bullshit is. Worked for TEN in the United States for a few months and did an internship with CNN World, then in 2011 went to Afghanistan to cover the war. Her title is Senior Reporter/Presenter but prefers to just call herself a survivor. A welcome regular on The Project desk, Natasha lists her favourite face in Australian media as Andrew Denton; her favourite face in global television as a toss up between Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Fallon; her favourite colour as pink; her favourite sport as Rugby League; and her favourite Molk to be SteveMolk.