It’s back, and in the biggest way. Streaming into our homes 6 nights a week on FTA TV Big Brother is either going to be a spectacular success or spectacular failure for Channel 9. Here’s hoping it’s the former. From the press release:

Big Brother, hosted by Sonia Kruger, will screen six days a week with Sunday to Friday Daily shows, Live Eviction Shows (Sunday) and Live Nominations (Monday).

Big Brother Launch Week:

Monday 7pm: Big Brother Premiere:
Finally, it’s here! The first of our Housemates are revealed. Find out their secrets and if they can keep them. How will they handle living with zero contact from the outside world, with their every move filmed 24/7?

Tuesday 7pm: Big Brother Special (LIVE): How have the Housemates handled their first 24 hours in the House Tonight we meet more Housemates and their secrets begin to unravel.

Wednesday 7pm: Big Brother Special: The final puzzle pieces are in place and the Housemates will be asked to match the secrets to their correct owners.

Thursday 7pm: Big Brother Daily Show: The Housemates will be confronted by their first task

Friday 7pm: Big Brother Daily Show: The results of the first task, have they passed or not – and what are the consequences?

Sunday 6pm: Big Brother Daily Show (on GO!): The Housemates first weekend in the House.

Sunday 6.30pm: Big Brother: Secrets Revealed (LIVE): Can the Housemates match the secrets to their owners?

Forty two cameras and 108 microphones will capture every moment of the 14 Housemates as they embark on a social competition before the nation.

More than 20,000 people around the country auditioned for this series of Big Brother, with Housemates chosen from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The Big Brother House has been fully redesigned and refurbished taking on the theme of “Past, Present and Future.”

Big Brother Housemates will share communal living, eating, sleeping and bathing areas in the 42 meter by 55 meter complex, which includes the infamous Big Brother Diary Room.

Filmed at Dreamworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Big Brother employs 300 staff and seven kilometers of cable runs between the production control room and the Big Brother House. Approximately 4,368 hours of footage will be recorded each week from which producers will have just 12 hours to compile a daily program.

A mammoth undertaking by the Nine Network, Big Brother will also offer viewers daily in-depth updates and features via the official internet site, Facebook – and Twitter @BBAU9.

Dreamworld expects a combined total of more than 40,000 people will tour the production site and attend the live programs. Tickets for the site tour and live shows are available through Ticketek –

Big Brother is produced by Southern Star Entertainment for the Nine Network.