2013 Molkie Awards
That’s it. We’re done. The votes are in the people have, for the third year in a row, made their voices heard. The 2013 Molkies are now all over bar the very fun formalities.

While some categories were very one-sided wins others were very, very close. The four pinnacle awards (Best in Show, Worst in Show, The Brown Molkie and the Gold Molkie) were tighter than they’ve ever been, with two of the categories doing right down to the wire and any one of up to 5 nominees could have taken out their respective award. It just doesn’t come any closer.

While the winners of all 12 Molkie awards will be announced at a gala event this Saturday night it’s the voters who get to celebrate now as the final week of voting brings the biggest haul of prizes we’ve seen in Molkies history. Thanks so much to the voting sponsors, and congrats to the following winners:

  1. A signed hardcover copy of Stephen M Irwin‘s book “The Broken Ones” – Sean D.
  2. A DVD copy of THANK GOD YOU’RE HERE, thanks to Working Dog Productions – Kellie S.
  3. A Ch9 DVD pack – Andrew B.
  4. An ABC TV 10 DVD pack – Cameron C.
  5. A Ch10 promo pack – Kim
  6. 2 tix to the Brisbane season of Legally Blonde: The Musical – Christine J.
  7. 2 tix to Wil Anderson’s MICF show Goodwil – Lisa B.
  8. 2 tix to one of the four MICF live I Love Green Guide Letters podcast recordings – Bec
  9. 2 places at the This is Me: Fit weekend fitness retreat (12-14 April) – Nicole M.
  10. A Humax 1TB PVR with lifetime IceTV EPG subscription – Pip L.

Again, congratulations to the successful winners. You’ll have an e-mail in your inbox waiting for you – enjoy! Please ensure you support the many Molkies sponsors who have been very generous in their donations. Make sure you buy their stuff/go see their show/tell others about their things. They have been tres awesome and have only added to the excitement of the entire process. Special thanks must go to MyFace Figurines and IceTV (Your shows, your time) for their ongoing support of the Molkies & MolksTVTalk.com.

More people than ever before have voted in the Molkies – thanks for your support!

All will be revealed this Saturday 16 March 2013 at the 3rd annual Molkie awards, with the gala event being held in Brisbane (livestream to be confirmed). All results will be published here on MolksTVTalk.com after the event and come back to check the photos of the great time had by all. BY. ALL. It’s gonna be a firecracker…

The 2013 Molkies gala ceremony is but 12 days away where all the winners and losers will be crowned. Make sure you tune in to find out who won and who lost, as well catch the LiveStream to see all the fun!