We’ve come to this: seeing as the Australian Open Tennis starts on Ch7 this week, pretty much every other network has offered them a lay down mozaire across the week with regard to their programming. So, it’s tennis, tennis, tennis or 10 episodes of The Big Bang Theory(?!?), or not a whole bunch else. These, people, are our darkest days.

One of the few highlights is Consiton, featuring on ABC1 Monday night. It’s the story of the last massacre of indigenous Australians, told by their descendants, and made by the same people who delivered us Bush Mechanics. It’s an important story very well told.

Next Stop Hollywood is an interesting series worth checking out – it focuses on 6 Aussies who headed to LA last year during pilot season to try to get their big break. It’s an emotional roller coaster.


  • Frozen Planet – Sun 6:30pm, Ch9
  • Modern Family – Sun 7:30pm, Ch10
  • 60 Minutes (summer series) – Sun 7:30pm, Ch9
  • Upstairs Downstairs – Sun 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Dirty Business: How Mining Made Australia (ep 2 of 3) – Sun 8:30pm, SBS one
  • The Mentalist – Sun 8:30pm, Ch9
  • MOVIE: Die Hard With A Vengeance – Sun 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms (E05/06 rpt) – Sun 8:30pm/9:30pm, ONE
  • Rev – Sun 9:30pm, ABC1
  • Mythbusters – Mon 7:35pm, SBS one
  • Ben and Kate – Mon 8pm, Ch10
  • Louis Theroux: Extreme Love – Dementia – Mon 8:30pm, ABC2
  • MOVIE: Cloverfield – Mon 8:30pm, Eleven
  • Coniston – Mon 9:30pm, ABC1
  • The Hunter – Mon 9:30pm, ABC News 24
  • Golden – Mon 10:30pm, Ch10
  • Hamish & Andy’s Euro Gap Year (S01E06 repeat) – Tue 7:30pm, Ch9
  • Jamie’s 15 Minutes Meals – Tue/Thu 7:30pm, Ch10
  • Extreme ER: The Bronx – Tue 8:35pm, SBS one
  • NCIS – Tue 8:35pm, Ch10
  • Next Stop Hollywood (ep 2 of 6) – Tue 9:30pm, ABC1
  • NCIS:LA – Tue 9:35pm, Ch10
  • The Cult – Tues 10pm, 7Two
  • Survivor: Philippines – Tue 10:30pm, Ch9
  • Golden (season finale) – Tue 10:30pm, Ch10
  • Wedding Band (double episode) – Wed 7:30pm, Ch10
  • How To Get A Life (season premiere – ep 1 of 6) – Wed 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Getaway (summer series) – Thu 7:30pm, Ch9
  • American Idol (S12 premiere) – Thu 7:30pm, Ch10
  • Nigellissima – Thu 8:30pm, ABC1
  • The Hour – Thu 9pm, ABC1
  • The Warehouse Comedy Festival (Joel Creasy: The Acid Tongue Prince) (season finale) – Thu 9pm, ABC2
  • This Is Jinsy – Thu 9:55pm, ABC2
  • Up All Night – Thu 11:10pm, Ch7
  • The Living Room (summer series) – Fri 7:30pm, Ch10
  • When We Left The Earth: The NASA Missions (series finale) – Fri 8:40pm, SBS one
  • Agony Uncles (S01E03 rpt) – Fri 10pm, ABC1
  • David Attenborough’s Blue Planet – Sat 6:30pm, Ch10
  • The True Story: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (ep 3 of 6) – Sat 7:30pm, ABC2
  • Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (rpt) – Sat 8:45pm, ABC1


  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Mon 7:30pm, ONE
  • Hardcore Pawn – Wed 8:30pm, 7mate

      • The Project – Sun 6pm; Mon-Fri 6:30pm, Ch10
      • Compass – Sun 6:30pm, ABC1
      • Person Of Interest – Sun 11pm, Ch9
      • Yes Chef – Sat 3pm, Ch10
      • A Taste Of Travel – Sat 3:30pm, Ch10
      • Love To Share – Sat 4pm, Ch10


      • Nazi Hunters – Sun 10:30pm, Ch7
      • Grandstand – Mon-Thu 7:30pm, ABC News 24
      • The New Normal – Mon 9pm, Ch10
      • Better Homes and Gardens – Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch7
      • Burn Notice – Fri 8:30pm, Ch10


      • 2 Broke Girls – Tue 9:30pm, Ch9

      DO. NOT. BOTHER.

      • Two and a Half Men – Tue 10pm, Ch9
      • Cougar Town – Thu 11:40pm, Ch7
      • Australia’s Funniest Home Videos Summer Series – Sat 6:30pm, Ch9