Week 16 and the end of the first ratings period is in sight. So far it’s been all Channel 7 (and, to a decent degree, rightly so), but there are some cracking shows in the bag for the other networks – so stay tuned. Certainly we can expect a whole bunch of shows that are normally rested for the off-ratings period to play through to ensure we stay tuned and don’t wander away to other channels/shows/places/real life. Curse you, programmers…


  • Sunday Night – Sun 6:30pm, Ch7
  • Biggest Loser Australia: Families – Sun 6:30pm; Wed/Thu/Fri 7:30pm, Ch10
  • 60 Minutes – Sun 7:30pm, Ch9
  • Bondi Rescue – Sun 8pm, Ch10
  • Hawaii Five-O – Sun 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Harry’s Law – Sun 9:30pm, Ch9
  • Mythbusters – Mon 7:30pm, SBS one
  • Conviction Kitchen (finale) – Mon 9pm, Ch7
  • Recruits – Tue, Wed, Thu 7pm, OneHD
  • Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation – Tue 7:30pm, Ch10
  • Survivor: Redemption Island – Tue 7:30pm, GO!
  • Winners & Losers – Tue 8:30pm, Ch7
  • The Office (US) – Tue 9pm, Eleven
  • Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight – Wed 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival All Star Supershow – Wed 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Detroit 1-8-7 – Wed 9pm, Ch7
  • Hungry Beast – Wed 9:30pm, ABC1
  • Heston’s Mission Impossible – Thu 7:30pm, Ch7
  • Party Down – Thu 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Heston’s Feasts (rpt) – Thu 8:30pm, SBS one
  • The Cape – Fri 7:30pm, 7mate
  • Blue Bloods – Fri 9:30pm, Ch10
  • RocKwiz – Sat 9:20pm, SBS one
  • A Quiet Word With… Simon Pegg & Nick Frost – Sat 9:30pm, ABC1


  • Compass – Sun 10pm, ABC1
  • Boston Legal (rpt) – Sun 11pm, 7mate
  • Rake (rpt) – Mon 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Deadwood (rpt) – Mon 9:30pm, ABC2
  • Black Books (rpt) – Tue 8pm, ABC2
  • Hoarders – Tue 8:30pm, GEM
  • Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – 11pm, Ch9
  • Bob’s Burgers – Wed 8:30pm, Eleven
  • Megastructures – Thu 8:30pm, 7mate


  • NZ’s Next Top Model – Sun 7:30pm, Eleven
  • The Mentalist – Sun 8:30pm, Ch9
  • 6:30PM with George Negus – Weeknights 6:30pm, Ch10
  • The 7pm Project – Weeknights 7pm, Ch10
  • Q and A – Mon 9:35pm ABC1
  • Media Watch – Mon 9:15pm, ABC1
  • Raising Hope – Tue 8:30pm, Eleven
  • Good Game – Tue 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Wed 5:30pm (then weekdays), ABC3
  • Mike and Molly – Wed 8pm, Ch9
  • CSI – Thu 8:30pm, Ch9
  • The Game Plan – Thu 8:30pm, One
  • NRL – Fri 7:30pm/9:30pm, Ch9
  • Undercover Boss (USA) – Mon/Fri 8:30pm, Ch10


  • Bones – Sun 8:30pm, Ch7
  • Castle – Sun 9:30pm, Ch7
  • CSI: Miami – Mon 9:30pm, Ch9
  • Crack House USA – Wed 9:30pm, ABC2
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Thu 8:30pm, Ch7


  • The Amazing Race – Sun 6:30pm, 7mate
  • My Kitchen Rules – Mon/Tue/Wed 7:30pm, Ch7
  • House – Mon 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Top Gear – Tue 8:30pm, Ch9


  • Million Dollar (Droop?) Drop – Mon 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Cougar Town – Tue 10:30pm, Ch7
  • Hellcats – Tue 7:30pm, GO!
  • Desperate Housewives – Thu 9:30pm, Ch7
  • NRL Footy Show – Thu 9:30pm, Ch9
  • 30 Rock – Thu 11:30pm, Ch7

This week we say farewell to My Kitchen Rules, and are reminded that this is what happens when we let our obsession with TV cooking shows get out of hand in the MasterChef off-season. Who will ultimately win? Channel 7, that’s who.

Following the grand MKR finale, Detriot 1-8-7 lands on our screens as a decent overseas drama worth planting eyes on. Tune in, enjoy. Totally worth it.

Star Wars nerds UNITE! ABC3 will be showing Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated series starts airing from the first episode this Wednesday 5:30pm. Can. Not. Wait.

A new series of Recruits pops up on OneHD starting 7pm Tuesday. An interesting move, but all a part of the newly announced rebranding of the one-time sports channel to become the new man-cave.