Dodgy promo aside, this is one of the more anticipated offerings from Channel 9 since it announced ther return of Durie to their stable. The US version of Top Design has been a successful format, and should translate very well. The only concern should be about an overload of reno/design shows on the market, with The Block doing very well at 7pm, and The Renovators about to start – will we all scream too much too soon? Quite likely. From the press release:

Jamie Durie is back … And meet his new bunch of superstars ready to take on the world …

See how Aussies from all walks of life transform everyday living spaces in extreme elimination challenges that will test the best of them. With $100,000 and the title of Top Design at stake, this series will celebrate the most daring and dazzling ideas.

Each week our competitive stars will be given unique rooms to create while fighting to stay in the race; caravans, shipping containers, bedrooms, even outdoor areas will be adapted into amazing creative living spaces.

Contestants will be challenged to “create a dream home in a shipping container!”, “live the great Australian dream”, (caravans) and “make small spaces feel HUGE” (celebrity bachelor pads!).  As they face sudden death makeovers through weekly eliminations, there is “no time to make friends” – only the most exciting transformations will do.

Every week, one by one, as Jamie and the judges – Amanda Talbot and Nick Tobias – send the budding designers packing, viewers will be astounded at the winning rooms and designs.

Meet the contestants:

Jo, 39, NSW: A renovator mum keen to make her mark
Lisa, 32, QLD: A single mum who is doing it for her kids
Robert, 28, VIC: A headstrong and ambitious architect
Kai, 27, NSW: A country girl not willing to settle for second best
Leigh, 29, VIC: A carpet cleaner who is looking for more
Dan, 36, NSW: An urban artist with big ideas
Dee, 29, NSW: A creative rebel from the fashion industry
Mary, 55, SA: An office worker who wants to prove it is never too late
Stephen, 41, VIC: A youth worker who believes style comes from the heart
Craig, 49, VIC: A teacher who is swapping his text books for tools


Top Design – Wed 13/07 8pm, Ch9.