Tim Dormer was tonight crowned the winner of Big Brother 2013, beating Jade Pietrantonio & Tahan Lew Fatt and winning $250,000 for his efforts. Jade won $10,000 and a Sony 4K TV while Tahan won $5,000. The finale, broadcast live into Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, ACT & SA simultaneously, ran nearly an hour overtime and seemed to end prematurely with the welcoming of Tim to stage (eventually) and after a brief chat with host Sonia Kruger she closed out the show.

This second season was a success for Nine with Dormer dominating the daily shows and consistently high ratings five days a week (particularly in the key demos). During the telecast Kruger announced Big Brother would return in 2014, and Nine wasted no time promoting a raft of new shows coming in the new year including their new Aussie drama Love Child. From the press release:



After 101 days in the Big Brother house, 29 year old University Student from Sydney, Tim has won Big Brother 2013.

Tim was followed closely by runner up Jade with 34% and second runner up Tahan with 30%.

Before leaving the House, Big Brother called Tim to the Diary Room where he was given a card. The card read, “Congratulations on winning Big Brother 2013… Two words – well played. Consider this my IOU. Big Brother owes you $250,000.”

Big Brother said to Tim in the Diary Room, “Rest assured, Big Brother is good for the money.”

Tim replied, “You should be or I want the House… or at least the pool.”

The night opened with Tim, Tahan and Jade watching the show from a big screen in the backyard of the Big Brother House. They were thrilled to see all ex-Housemates reuniting in a choreographed lantern performance on stage, followed by news they had missed from the outside world.

Following the huge success of Big Brother 2013, which has maintained a massive under 50’s audience for the entire series, the Nine Network are pleased to announce the show will return in 2014 and anyone wanting to be a part of the show is encouraged to apply. Further details can be found at www.bigbrother.com.au.

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