After a big week last week covering the emerging Ipswich & Brisbane flood crisis, it seems that Channel Nine Queensland are seeking to build on the support they gained through their herculean efforts on air (at least 3 days of 18-hours straight). This week, a special Qld local edition of the Today Show will be produced for Queensland out of Brisbane, with the rest of Australia receiving the “normal” show out of Sydney. Kudos to Ch9 – it will indeed be an interesting ratings week. From their press release:

In an unprecedented move, The Nine Network has committed to producing a Queensland only edition of Today, LIVE From Brisbane all week.

This move will enable viewers to continue to receive the most up-to-date information on the flood crises.

Hosted by Queenslanders, Cameron Williams and Leila McKinnon they will be joined for News and Weather by locals Heather Foord and Garry Youngberry.

Kylie Blucher says, “This team has been on the ground since Tuesday. Sharing our anxiety as we waited for the water in Ipswich and Brisbane, seeing the damage all over the state, talking to the victims and those entrusted with the task of protecting and now restoring our State. Queensland deserves this consistency of coverage.”

Today in Queensland – Mon 17/1 – Fri 21/1 from 6am, Ch9