The Block Sky HighSun 6:30pm, Mon-Thu 7pm, Ch9
What happens when you put eight Blockheads (we’re still missing Posh & Becs) and their Foreman in a room with alcohol and the ever-present reminder there’s a ton of work to do back at the Block in one room together? Fun for all the family. The morning after the night before leads to at least eight hangovers – at least it’s eased the Level 1/Level 5 tension.

When you need a new twist on bedheadgate, you may as well reimagine it as a fairy tale… because that’s about how much attention the Blockheads seem to have paid. So that continues to simmer. The Twiins are sticklers for the rules and are keeping their bedhead as is except they are recovering the top part. Almost everyone else is pretty much re-creating their bedhead, with Madi & Jarrod taking it a step further and building a “replica”. Matt & Kim are only keeping the idea and the old frame while replacing their squares with hexagons – because, you know… they’re the same thing.

Johnno’s been caught out halving the insulation in his ceiling but a quick visit from Keef sorts him out (i.e. Rip it down, do it again). Then there’s Keef on the rampage over rubbish scattered everyone on the apartments, and the top of his hitlist are this week’s favourite couple Madi & Jarrod. Madi’s out to prove to Keef she works hard and that raises conflict with her beau. After all there’s nothing better than a domestic with at least two people looking on and every word you saying getting recorded.

The Twiins are well on track with their room though the tiles in the bathroom are causing them some concern – so they’ve convinced their tiler to return tomorrow to rip down some of the tiles he cut today to replace them with others. “No problems,” says their tiler on camera.

Madi’s working too hard to clean up and has an environmental disaster which Keef catches her cleaning up. She’s out to prove a point they can be all nice and clean and Keef really appreciates it or something.

Posh & Becs have returned and it all starts with a catch up meeting with Tom the builder. Becs knows she has some shopping to do, and the tilers and plasterers are hard at it. More importantly, Jarrod has his boyfriend back to go and get his morning coffee and share a special kiss with.

Even though they’re back and as supportive of each other as ever, Posh has decided he needs more of a say in the style choices Becs is making. It adds to the difficulty in shopping for Becs, but nothing like the pain of missing her Mum (which is still obviously really close to the surface).

How do the Blockheads relax after a long hot day of renovating? A blow-up pool in the carpark, of course. With only a handpump Scotty knows that to solve a problem a bigger tool is the solution so he returns with an air compressor. Then to fill it up he calls in a water truck and it’s all sorts of weird communal pool fun, beers and all. It’s a nice way to welcome back Posh & Becs after a hard time away. The footloose montage was somewhat unnecessary though.