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It’s been a big week of ups and downs – and now it’s all up to the judges to put a ring on it.

It’s another day, another all-nighter for the Blockheads – and it’s only the day before the reveal. Johnno’s painted all night and now Trixie’s thinking about painting the wall colour. “It all comes down to what colour and pillow & weird ornament we deliver for those psychopathic judges,” offers Trixie.

Matt & Kim slept in because they had a big night “painting the walls” leaving their carpet guys bashing on the door. Besides the carpet snafu they asked for the robe to have under floor heating installed and that didn’t happen. The blood rushes to Matt’s head as he jumps on the phone to sort it out while still clearing the dancing sugarplums from his head.

On Level 4 Madi’s painting while Jarrod’s gone out for breakfast with Posh. Boys being boys there’s lots of food ordered but very little talking. Madi offers a swap that I’m not sure the boys would be so keen on. At least Matt has sorted out the carpet issue – the robe doesn’t get underfloor heating until after the room reveal.

Posh & Becs are back on the Block and hard at work but the events of the week with her mum have emotions pretty close to the surface for the team on Level 3. Becs’ Mum wants them to stay on and work hard on The Block but as it’s her last days Becs understandably torn.

Ooh look – trams!

Kim’s shopping for art for their room while Trixie’s shopping for paint that will replace the colour that Johnno spent all last night painting on the walls anyway. It’s just confusing.

The Twiins are feeling justified that their glass barrier between the bath and the robe has paid off, though the girls are second guessing their concrete look wallpaper. They look to be on a winner.

Posh & Becs have headed into the Block as it looks like her Mum has only a couple more hours, so they’re both in the hospital. Unbeknown to them, Scotty’s stepped in to help get things done on Level 3 and all the Blockheads down tools to pop in to help out. A great show of friendship & support from all involved.

12 hours to go and there’s lots to finish for everyone – be it painting, lacquering or room dressing. Posh has popped back in and he’s found out the room has been painted in their absence – he’s very appreciative. The other Blockheads push on with all nighters for all concerned to get the room completed. The thing these kids aren’t recognising is that taking a break is worse that pushing through. Amateurs.

George is back on deck while Bec is by her Mum’s bedside, and their builder Tom is willing to offer all the support her can to help them get their room done this week.

Door handles attached, pillows fluffed, sheets ironed and then it’s tools down. Bring in the judges – Herr Neale, HRH Queen Shaynna of the Block, & Dazza.

Level 5 ties the two bathrooms to the robe and the bedroom. Johnno & Trixie are happy, but what of the judges? “Wow!” from Dazza. Neale & Shaynna love the linen, even though it’s unironed. “Everything about this room says cool inner-city Melbourne,” says Herr Neale. Lots of great notes including the bed and the oversized window frame along with the dropped and lit bulkhead. The robe is massive but the finish is considered to be less than impressive. “Overall it’s very impressive,” offers she of the Coloured Palette.

On Level 4 Madi & Jarrod are proud of their overall look. Jarrod thinks it’s industrial but upper class, while Madi calls it sophisticated glamour but pop arty. Just make up some words. “Very simple and elegant using high end materials,” offers HRH until Dazza gets them to look up and see a pretty shoddy ceiling. The Oak v Pine finish hasn’t helped given the orientation of the bed. “There’s no where to tie anyone up either,” offers Herr Neale. In the robe the judges think the island storage cupboard is great (but still the change in timber is grating). “They’ve really got to get their act together quickly,” says Neale. The reminder that millionaires will be buying these apartments is one the Blockheads need to keep front of mind.

Posh & Becs have spent days at the hospital with Becs’ Mum and somehow still managed to deliver two completed rooms. The judges appreciated the timber flooring that transitions to carpet for the bedroom and the artwork sets it off. “I love the padded bedhead – tick! Yay!” says Dazza. The timber flooring connects the two rooms really well and the lack of clutter really makes the room room for Herr Neale. Becs’ shoe shelves are a winner for Queen Shaynna, but not the ottomans.

Matt & Kim on Level 2 have pushed it right to the end – so much so the cement render is still drying. Lots of WOWs from all the judges, and the variety of finishes is a major plus for HRH. “The colour palette is genius,” says Neale. “I just don’t like the art. It misses the market.” The mirror/TV combo is a great compromise between function and glamour. The robe is big ticks too. It’s the first room where all four rooms connect together. “Matt & Kim have shown us what they can do – it could make for a great apartment if they extend this to all the other rooms,” says Queen Shaynna.

The Twiins are very happy with the bath in the robe and the wallpaper. They’ll be surprised if the judges don’t like it. Walking straight in the judges completely dig the bath at the end of the robe. “It’s got a TV and everything!” says HRH who now needs a quick lie down. They’re loving the luxury the girls have brought to Level 1. “They’ve inverted the Block – this is the Penthouse,” says Dazza. The bedroom draws them in with the feature wallpaper and the whole room connects well with the bathrooms… it’s gonna be some tough judgement that separates these rooms.

The Blockheads gather to hear what the judges thought, though Posh & Becs are still with Becs’ Mum. The judges loved all the rooms and the expanse of the space is impressive in Scotty’s eyes. The winner gets $10,000… but not before we hear what the judges thought:

T&J: Everything said “cool, inner-city Melbourne”. Warm, inviting, classy, sophisticated. If this is your style, stick to it. BUT the robe is a bit undercooked compared to the bedroom – new fascias on the wardrobe will help.
M&J: Beautiful. The Chanel art and bed are excellent, along with the curtains. Revisit the ceiling finishes, making it a good room not a great room. The shelving unit is a great piece that is a drawcard to buyers.
K&M: The judges were immediately excited by the rendered wall. The colour palette – genius. The couple have really grown up and if this style continues they’ll do well in this comp.
A&L: All three judges love the bath. Rooms like this can create a bidding war. Darren hates feature walls but he loved the concrete wallpaper. BUT the timber art should be replaced with a simple line drawing.

It’s always about the scores (Darren | Shaynna | Neale):

J&T: 8.5 | 8.5 | 8 = 25
M&J: 8.5 | 8 | 7.5 = 24
G&B: 9 | 8.5 | 8.5 = 26
M&K: 9.5 | 8.5 | 9 = 27
A&L: 9.5 | 9 | 9.5 = 28

Congratulations to the Twiins, beating out Matt & Kim by one point and bringing in the much needed cash. SO CLOSE for Matt & Kim, but they don’t mind losing out to the Twiins. Johnno & Trixie are wondering what they need to deliver though promise next time the room will be well completed but very empty. Also the group is awarded another energy star.

With everything that’s going on for Posh & Becs Scotty has decided everyone gets to fly home and see their families which allows the team from Level 3 to spend time with their family “and hope for the best”.

Expect tears this week on The Block, that’s for sure…