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Welcome back to The Block: Sky High, the blockbuster so blocktacular that it’ll block your blocks off!

As the episode opens, Scott is reminding us about the “Steam Room Scandal” that consumed the show last week. To recap; Alisa and Lysandra decided to install a steam room in their floor. Johnno and Trixie heard about this via Teschie, an electrician/international spy, and decided to use it in their floor. Then J’n’T bought a paint roller for A’n’L and it was the wrong one or something – I think it was just a cat taped to a broom handle – and then it all went mental. But then Lysandralisa won the week (tied with Bec and George) anyway, so does it matter? Probably not. Will we keep hearing about it anyway? Almost definitely.

After the judging, the teams are headed back to the block to inspect each other’s bathrooms. Sanandralisa think their co-winners’, Bec and George’s, bathroom is small. But then, why would they start saying nice things about their competitors’ rooms now?

Matt and Kim are in for another mixed review, because – once again – they gave a Barbie model house with a bunch of accessories to a chimp and then just made the resulting design.*

*This isn’t a criticism. I like that these guys are in there, mixing it up.

The final apartment inspected is Trixie and Johnno’s, up in the penthouse. Lysallasandra don’t like it, but if they did, I would probably freak out. There are certain immutable laws in this universe. Each action must have an equal and opposite reaction, and the twins must hate everyone else’s rooms. So it is, so it has always been, so it always will be.

The next day, and the beginning of a new week, rolls around. The couples have to complete a master bedroom and an adjoining dressing room this week, which leads me to wondering whether a dressing room is necessary. Do people not just get dressed in their bedroom? Have I been getting dressed incorrectly all this time? Is this like when I went nearly three decades mispronouncing the word “chorizo”?

Johnno and Trixie are excited because their kids are visiting today. It’s all very emotional, but I’m mainly impressed at Johnno’s spray-can penmanship when he writes a welcome message for them on the wall. It’s difficult to do that neatly! …So I’ve heard.

Bec and Madi are both visiting a timber flooring place in Richmond, to participate in a product sourcing session/advertisement. Meanwhile, Matt and Kim, and Allamandralisa – who occupy the bottom two floors – are working together to get their demolition done quicker. It’s very touching, and I can not wait for the inevitable shock betrayal. Maybe one of them is a spy for Teschie, International Electrician of Mystery!

Then Trixie and Johnno’s kids show up, and one of them mentions that the apartment needs a Band-Aid. I know that he’s kidding, but it honestly wouldn’t hurt. A million Band-Aids, lining the walls instead of wallpaper. It’s a good idea, but Matt and Kim are probably already doing it.

On Level 1, Alandrasyssa want to install a bathtub in the dressing room (why? Your guess is as good as mine). Their builder doesn’t think it will work, and they argue it, even though he is specifically paid to tell them things like this. Look, guys, if your dressing room explodes, don’t come crying to the tradies.

Later, Keith explains to us that noise can travel up the building, through the lift well. And last night, while BFFs Matt, Kim, Asandra and Salissa were having a demolition party, they were making all kinds of ruckus.

So the teams on the higher floors overheard the teams on the lower floors saying bitchy things about them, which makes Bec and Madi feel bad. Hey, Bec; the lift well works two ways, right? Noise can travel upwards, but smoke grenades can travel downwards. Just sayin’.

Keith’s assessment is that there are now two distinct factions; Levels 1 and 2, then Levels 3, 4 and 5. The higher levels have the numbers advantage, but the twins have police training. It could wind up pretty messy if this gets physical.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that. But there’s a lot of The Block to go, and tensions could get… Sky High.*

*Nailed it!

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