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Keith's a problem solver: "Looks like a tarp."

Last night Dan & Dani won $1,000 in the first of Scotty’s workshop challenges, and Dani promptly spent it. The vibe is generally good between all the couples with no real conflict yet. Yet. Tonight the pressure is on as the first room reveal is 3 The Block days away and Scotty & Shelly popping by for an inspected – well, that’s always gonna be a problem.

More trams, more Melbourne. So Melbourne. Or Brisbane circa 1943. Andrew & Michael are delivering a home office featuring period/restored pieces and more modern highlights. The rain overnight has caused some chaos as there’s all sorts of leaks in the brother’s house and the tarp covering their roof is full of water. Renovators’ Delight indeed. Brad & Lara are returning their heritage sitting room to it’s former glory. So much still to be done before they can start getting serious about painting. Brad’s quietly confident. Dale & Sophie are turning their front room into a formal dining room and are facing some success, though Dale is getting smashed by late night work (painting until 4am, for example). Dan & Dani are presenting a modern guest room/study, but still have time to nick out to Maccas to buy the troops brekkie. What a nice sponsored tie in.

Dan’s amazed the boys are up until all hours painting. “The room reveal isn’t for another three days,” he says incredulously. “They were up until 5am painting,” says Dani. The brothers find working on things like painting during the night allows to work distraction free (though nanna naps are required to make it through the day). Entirely reasonable, given they’re clearly not vampires.

Keith, the site foreman, is checking out the issue with water all through Andrew & Michael’s place. Up to the roof go Keith & Andrew to inspect, and they find a rip in their tarp. Oh well – replace it and on we go. At least Brad can see the funny side of it as the guys upstairs clear the water off the tarp and it cascades down and ends half up in his back room. It’s the water feature everyone wants and no one else will have.

Dani’s gone shopping – again – and is looking for some art to go in their room and finds a piece, but it’s likely gonna cost a bomb – again. The joinery arrives for Andrew & Michael’s home office cupboard/bed and try as they might to keep it all a secret, Brad spots the Tiltaway Beds truck out the front and he’s onto them. Good sleuthin’ Brad. Mighty good sponsor plug too.

I'd say the pressure has gotten to Brad, but... what pressure?

News doesn’t take long to travel on The Block, and by that we mean a producer is pointing out the Tiltaway Beds truck to everyone. Dan’s a bit suspect as the brothers are copying them as far as he’s concerned. Proving their innocence in the game, Dale & Sophie are puzzled as to why the brothers have been keeping their room a secret. “I’m actually a bit fuming about it,” says Sophie the innocent. Their biggest issue is that they feel the boys could have told them without an issue. “It’s a bit 1980’s and a bit New York-y, and I wouldn’t go for it,” says Dan, “But hey – each to their own.”

Dale & Sophie’s budget is “alright at the moment”, but Sophie’s not entirely sure as she doesn’t know what should be budgeted. “I think we’ll spend about $7,000 for the entire Week 1 room – but I’ve no idea if that’s the right about to spend.” We’ll see indeed. Everyone acknowledges they need to paint their rooms themselves, and Brad & Dale have gotten all creative with a unique bit of headgear to help paint the ceilings. That’s using your noggin, fellas.

Only two days left, and the rush is on to finish. Dale’s an inventor, and he’s manufactured a paint bucket with a handle out of a large water bottle. That’s good thinking. Solid. He predicts they’ll be selling like hotcakes from Mitre 10 within a year. The brothers are nicking out to do a few loads of washing. “Might even have to buy some clothes today,” says Andrew. Brad & Lara are taking the chance to find a feature chair, as every decision they make has to be made together at the same time. “If we lose this room because of the furniture, it’s your fault, remember that,” says Lara. They pick their chair, and head back to The Block with a new-found confidence ready to be shattered by a visit from Scotty & Shelley.

Shelley asks about the architraves around the built-in bookcase, noting that the way it is (as Brad suggested) won’t stand. She also points out that a white leather lounge and denim blue chairs may not be the best idea for their room. “We’re just here to throw a few spanners in the works,” says Scotty. Job. Done. NEXT! All the couples are burning the midnight oil on their last night before room reveal to get stuff done. Just because they have to (though 1am finishes? Pfft! Harden up kids!).

Eagle-eyed viewers will note that The Block Unlocked is on at 7:30pm in MEL/ADL/PER, but not in BNE/SYD – instead, it’s tucked away on GEM, 4:30pm Saturday afternoon. Just to keep you guessing – a lot like the contestants themselves. Then, on Sunday – the first room reveal is on, and Queen Shaynna won’t hold back her views on the first rooms from the contestants. Suckers.