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Previously on The Block it was panic, panic, panic – and the best way to solve that is summon his Keef-ness, or as Scotty calls him – the Blockinator.

People have to share. Amity looks after the details while Phil… directs. Thinks. Phil’s a thinker. Amity knows how to deal with him – just let him think he’s in charge.

Josh, on the other hand, is well in charge. He’s gonna build a hill. Dale dugs a hole and Josh is gonna make it into a mound. A mounded hill. Brilliant.

Dan has prepared some pads to hold up the chimney but the Blockinator reminds him that the watertanks are gonna be buried right where his pads are. Oh well… all that effort and fighting and nada. Just as well Josh can have the dirt (how proud Jenna will be).

Mark’s planning things – THINGS – back at the house while Duncan’s decided a urinal for the bathroom is a great idea. BRILLIANT if you have a lot of boys. It’s been the only time he’s been able to walk in/out of the shops and get what he wanted straight up.

P&A’s Builder has recommended they start sorting out their bathroom floor ahead of time. He’s had an idea to save them time and money but Bulder Brad’s idea has to swing past the Blockinator first… PHEW! Keef’s cool with it. Which is just as well, otherwise Phil would need to rely on Builder Brad for another idea. He’s the Legally Blonde of The Block.

The chimbleys have to stay and they’re causing all sorts of headaches… though most of them are caused by Blockheads getting in the way (eh, Dan?). Dani meets with the kitchen planner and laughs over the fact they’re working on the 22nd plan. Oh how they laughed and then cried. Then laughed again. They embrace, knowing only they will understand, and start on plan 23.

The Blockinator, after watching Dan remove all the bricks from the old wall, now has a problem with the remaining wall as it’s not structural and could fall on the Brickies as they get in to replace the old wall. “We don’t want to put people in the hospital unless we mean to,” says Keef.

Duncan’s got wood at the tile shop. As you were.

Mark’s left holding the baby explaining the hanging bunk to the Blockinator who’s likely formulating a way to throw a spanner in the works. Duncan has moved on from having wood to now laying a chain. These boys make it too easy.

Bondi looks lovely. NO TIME FOR THAT – WORK NOW. There seems to be a million people working on the site – everyone except for Phil. He’s drinking choccy milk, talking to tradies, generally getting ideas. He’s an ideas man. Once he starts painting the ceiling (“This is how I roll.”), he debates the benefits of the spray method that Josh is such an advocate for but it’s only so he doesn’t have to help Builder Brad.

Dan(i)’s plan to run a polished concrete floor means all the plumbing needs to lock in now as there’s no changes. Unless Dani changes her mind.

J&J’s wanna-be new agent is making his influence known already. What a pain in the arse. Then he takes them on walkabout to show the properties he’s sold in the street already, wasting even more time. The least he could do is pick up a paintbrush. One place he’s shown them is similar to theirs but sold for nearly $2 million(!!!). Bring on the auction.

Amity’s back and now helping Builder Brad in the bathroom while Phil attempts to look busy. Mark calls him out on it. OH THE AWKWARD LAUGHING.

Josh’s plans are working well now that it’s got the engineer’s approval. Dani’s wedged a box in the Swift with her, but now somehow lost her car key. No matter – it’s in the car somewhere which means anyone can use the car and it can’t be locked.

Keef sets the cat amongst the pigeons by showing the engineer P&A’s bathroom plans but then asks why they’re even working on it. Dan isn’t sure about his cliches let alone what their new builder Phil will be doing other than taking charge.

Dan(i) have a polite argument on camera. Again. So much so the conversation about the lost car keys prompts Dan to prove he can find the key with a “man look”. It works. Just everybody deal with the fact that, for once, Dan beat Dani.

The world seems so out of kilter…