Shine took a hold of Junior MasterChef in 2010 and showed they knew how to deliver compelling event reality tv. Given the return of The Block and imiation was due, and this is likely to be as compelling. A big move in having host Brendan Moar move over from pay tv to host, but a smart one. From the press release:

Australia – power tools to the ready – safety glasses on – get ready to renovate! Network TEN and SHINE Australia join forces to create a groundbreaking renovation show, the scale of which has never been seen before on Australian television.
We have scoured the country to find the very best renovators from all States, from all skill sets and from all age groups, all with a proven record in transforming properties and profiting from them.
Renovations are already well underway on a range of properties in varying degrees of dilapidation, from a fibro cottage to a 60’s suburban to an inner city terrace, each attempting to increase its value which will be determined in a massive finale auction. The task – to transform these nightmares into real estate gold.

The winner will be the last remaining contestant responsible for the property that has increased most in value – and the prize is worth rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty for. In addition to these renovations, the contestants will congregate at the central Renovator’s warehouse – the largest television set in Australia – where they will be presented with regular design, decorating and
construction challenges to win valuable assets and advantages for their own renovations.

But who will be judging these challenges? Meet our elite team of professionals:

Qualified landscape architect and two time ASTRA award winner of Favourite Male TV Presenter, Brendan joins The Renovators having appeared in numerous lifestyle shows including Home, Moar Gardening and Dry Spell Gardening. “Everything about this show is exciting, the size and scale which hits you first and foremost, but more importantly taking the world of building, designing and renovating and putting it centre stage. It’s going to change the way we all think about renovating. I couldn’t be more excited to be involved with such a ground breaking show.”

PETER HO – Judge:
Design director of PHOOEY Architects in Melbourne, Peter has received international, national, state and local awards for his architectural work which tends toward sustainability. He’ll not only be casting his architectural eye on the home transformations, but also how the contestants use and re-use their materials – giving them the green thumbs-up, or down…

Design consultant Robyn Holt says design journalism and styling have been her passion for the past 20 years. As the Editor of Vogue Living for 10 years she has become known as a leader in the design industry and has been responsible for uncovering new talent in the field of interior design, celebrating known designers and presenting inspirational homes.

Barry’s building career spans more than 30 years which includes a 3 year posting as President of the Master Builders Association Eastern Suburbs. Retired at an enviable 46, he sailed around the world in his yacht and now spends 6 months of the year cruising international waters. With a character as big as the Renovators’ set, get ready to be bowled over by this loveable tradesman.


The Renovators – Coming Soon, Ch10.