It’s been a long, hard road – not least of all for Channel 10, who’ve had to face some pretty average ratings across this first season of The Renovators when it was billed as the “next big event reality” thing. For those that have stuck with it they’ve enjoyed a series with real heart and humanity, and become emotionally attached with each of these final contestants (as have the judges). Now with the determination of the Final 6, the finish line is in sight. The renovator that sells their house for the largest profit wins the profit from all 6 houses. Game. On. From the press release:

The final two teams on The Renovators faced their moment of reckoning tonight as two simultaneous head to head challenges were played out, one in Blacktown and the other in Castle Hill.

At the Fibro Cottage, Jarrad and Michael have been battling the odds since becoming the first team of two in the early days of the competition. As Head Renovator, Michael chose to complete the front living room, leaving Jarrad to finish off the newly constructed family living area at the rear of the house.

Meanwhile, the Sixties Suburban holds the distinction of being the only house in the competition to have had six team members in total, three of them Head Renovators at various stages. Original member Nathan faced off against relative newcomer Natalia. He chose to style the formal lounge area, leaving Natalia to finish off the huge new open dining/family room.

Unfortunately for the Victorians, Jarrad and Nathan were both eliminated from the competition. Although devastated to be leaving, Jarrad said: “I get to see my family now and I am so excited to now take all these skills that I’ve learnt in this competition into my real life, and to make a life that I’ve always wanted to make for myself. I’d love to get into unit development as well as renovation consultancy.”

Nathan stated, “Handing the keys over to Natalia was hard, I’ve been here since the start at the sixties suburban and would’ve loved to have taken to auction. I’m proud of where I’ve come in this competition though. I think my family and friends are going be proud of how far I’ve come in the competition. I’ve done a lot of work, I don’t think they’ll realise how hard it actually was until they see me – how much I’ve aged and how much hair’s fallen out!”

With Jarrad and Nathan gone, this leaves us with our Top 6 Renovators who will take their homes to auction in The Renovators Finale next Wednesday night at 7.30pm:

The Shop – August (NSW)
The Inner City Terrace – Luke (QLD)
The Half Done House – Peter (VIC)
The Weatherboard – Melissa (VIC)
The Fibro Cottage – Michael (SA)
The Sixties Suburban – Natalia (QLD)

The Renovators Finale – Wed 7:30pm, Ch10.