The awards presented, the bad jokes told, the tall tales of success have been shared… The 2011 Molkies were a complete success. I’ll be posting the photos from the night on the MolksTVTalk Facebook page as soon as I get them (watch for the tweet once they’re up), and making sure I grab the uStream of the night, edit it to highlights and posting it on the MolksTVTalk YouTube channel. Also have a read through the tweetstream, while it lasts.

The real business of the night was the winners… so, for those that were interested…

Best promotion/sizzle for a show or network
Eleven (lead up to launch)

Best show NOT on Australian TV
Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Best live TV interruption or bonehead
Murdoch announces the wrong winner –

Best News service

Worst treated program (in terms of scheduling or termination)
30 Rock

Worst performance by a guest
Andrew Bolt (Today Show/7pm Project)

Highest profile appearance in the background of a story
Callum Jones (Black Juice FM shirt) –

Most notable performance by a journalist
Karl Stefanovic

Worst in show (program or series)
Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth (Ch9)

Best in show (program or series)
Gruen Transfer (ABC1)

The person you always change channels to avoid – the Brown Molkie
Eddie McGuire

The person you always change channels to watch – the Gold Molkie
Shaun Micallef

Although Shaun was unable to attend, he did offer this by way of an acceptance speech:
“Dear Mr Molk – receiving your golden and imaginary accolade more than makes up for losing the silver and real one last week. Next year I hope that my new series ‘Shaun Micallef Begs You To Vote For Him in the Logies’ will get me across the line but until than I will be greatly comforted by the 2011 Gold Molkie, which will stand proudly on my cyber-mantlepiece (at least until I get something from TV Tonight).
Regards and best wishes
Shaun Micallef, TV Star.”

It was a great night, and a good time was had by all. By. All. I’ll post my wrap of the events later (having Karl Stefanovic call in to accept his Molkie was spectacular, as was Chris O’Brien’s acceptance of the Best News Service Molkie).

I even got to play Oprah for a minute and give a free cruise to everyone that attended the 2011 Molkies, very generously donated by sponsor Queensland Vacation Cruises. Just a few of my favourite things. Also thanks to Melinda Buttle for a great comedy set; Scat/Gathering Number Five for sweet tunes; and Heath Carney as our photographer for the evening.

Thanks to everyone who attended; major thanks to Spencer Howson, Kelly Higgins-Devine, Simon Band and Sylvia Jeffreys for presenting with me. Let’s do it all again next year.