Inspired to help out after seeing so many Brislanteans turn out on Saturday to help clean up, my Lovely Wife got busy cooking as a part of the #BakedRelief effort and we got prepared to get some food out to the flood survivors and volunteers cleaning up in Goodna. We also got to meet & pimp our baked wares with Danmilian, Junkienet & Blackvalo! It was an amazing day.

The organised chaos that was people EVERYwhere. The dried sludge, thick on the ground, stench still lingering. People’s entire lives in a muddy mess on their sodden footpaths as they continued to bring out plasterboard and carpet from their destroyed houses. Yet there was such confidence and positivity within the part of Goodna we were in. We did very little – simply handing out some free food and cold drinks we’d sourced to help keep them going, and yet everyone was so thankful. It was a wonderful feeling. There’s still so much to do in a lot of Brisbane and Ipswich – so if you live around the area and have free time this week, those affected would surely appreciate the help.

Further to this, I’ve archived the link resources I had on my front page during the flood crisis here for reference.

@Lexiphanic’s BCC Flood map cache

ABC News 24 LiveStream

Channel 7’s Sunrise LiveStream

Channel 9’s Today Show LiveStream

Qld Police Media LiveStream

Brisbane City Council (intermittent)

BCC website mirror courtesy @Jorke

BCC Flood maps (intermittent)

BOM Radar for SEQ

Qld Floods

Brisbane Flood Info

Red Cross (incl family registration/search)

Flood impact map overlay courtesy @SoulSolutions

DONATE – The Qld Premier’s Flood Appeal