No matter how much we didn’t want to believe it, we all knew it was coming. Spicks and Specks had to end, and it may as well do it while it’s on top. The innocent blend of musical trivia, comedy and insanity has become our Wednesday night staple and it’s set up a good couple of hours of programming for Aunty for seven seasons now. This first of a two part series highlights some of the best bits from the show across it’s entire run, and then in a fortnight we’ll have the final show. [sniff.] From the press release:

Join Adam, Alan and Myf as they revisit some of their favourite Spicks and Specks moments from the past 7 years. We kick off the show by travelling right back to the start, with Adam’s very first opening monologue. You’ll also see the Myf and Alan intros from the pilot episode, which have never been seen before.

We celebrate ‘The Warhurst Method’ – Myf’s way of remember song names by singing out the entire song. Take a look back at the diverse range of artists who have featured in ‘Look Ma’, and the great comedian guests such as Dame Edna Everage, Magda Szubanksi, and who could forget Frank Woodley doing his version of Nell Campbell’s the swim. Myf hasn’t been the same since.

We finish the show with one of our most popular closers ever – magician Raymond Crow performing ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ with hand shadows.

The Best of Spicks and Specks (Part 1) – Wed 8:30pm, ABC1.