Honouring the work of their passed husband/father, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin return to Australian free-to-air television to reveal the ongoing work of Australia Zoo and its affiliated organisations. Solid family fodder in a family friendly timeslot. From the press release:

Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors is the first TV series that sees Terri, Bindi and Robert present as a family since Steve’s untimely death in 2006, and the first time the Irwin’s will appear in a prime time slot. The series will feature the Irwin family and members of Australia Zoo as they continue the Crocodile Hunter’s inspiring lifetime work of saving Australia’s precious wildlife.

With mum extraordinaire Terri at the helm, Bindi has grown into an inspiring young lady and can you believe little blonde Robert is turning 9 in December?!

With the family-orientated series centring on the Wildlife Hospital and Rescue Unit of Australia Zoo, viewers will see how Steve Irwin’s legacy has had an effect on his wife Terri and how Bindi and Robert have enthusiastically picked up their father’s passion for animals. In addition to filming in and around the zoo we will also journey with the family as they travel through the Outback to visit wildlife sanctuaries in Weipa, Cape York, Far North Queensland and Tasmania.

Working alongside the staff in the 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Unit in one of the world’s leading wildlife hospitals, the Irwin family will show viewers the animal planet’s most unique and sometimes deadly, but always unpredictable, wildlife.

Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors – Sat 6/10 7:30pm, Ch10.