The one where Patrick Brammall get straight into it and talk about his work on TV – ALL OF IT. ALL AT ONCE.

We meander through working on UPPER MIDDLE BOGAN (acknowledging the new Gristmill show LITTLE LUNCH that’s about to drop), OFFSPRING (*BIG* news for fans on season 6!), CANAL ROAD and much, much more. Given Patrick’s time was limited we got into the meat of it, chewing the fat about GLITCH (premiering this Thursday 8:30pm on ABC).

A new twist for Pick A Box Of Pot Luck as this week Patrick is faced with three Who Am I? questions based on characters he’s played. Super fun!

I really appreciate all the feedback I’m getting on #MTTpod – thank you for listening. Please do say hi to Patrick on the line and tell him you heard him on MolksTVTalk the podcast.

In this episode…
* Pick A Box of Pot Luck
* Couchtime
* Credits


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