The one where Gareth Reynolds regales us his story of suckling at the teet of MTV while delivering a show without one core ingredient. The very funny co-host of The Dollop podcast Gareth joins me live from his couch in LA while I sat in an office chair in Brisbane, Australia. Thanks technology.

There’s discussion of Trump as a legitimate US Presidential Candidate, the leaving of Chris Bath and Gareth shows his skill in Pick A Box Of Pot Luck with his special topic being Mr Show. There’s also lots of bad singing of 80’s TV sitcom themes. Whatever happened to predictability?

STOP THE PRESSES: While I couldn’t find the alternate Full House intro here is one with John Posey replacing Bob Saget SHOT FOR SHOT as Gareth and I spoke about: SO WEIRD.

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In this episode…
* News
* Pick A Box of Pot Luck
* Couched Time
* Credits


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